Lightning Roulette Strategies

A guide on how to Win at Live Lightning Roulette: strategies and systems

Lightning Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s latest live game! Like the element of lightning itself, it has taken the world by storm. This is because of the game’s high Return to Player percentage (RTP) and its potentially huge payouts! Win multipliers in Lightning Roulette go up to a whopping x500! Players get slightly worse odds (for straight number bets) in this version of the game, compared with normal Roulette. Does the lightning really make up for it? Most certainly it will, if you’re lucky enough to win when the lightning strikes. So how should you go about playing to ensure you strike it lucky? Read our Lightning Roulette Tips and Tricks to find out how!

Lightning Roulette Betting Strategies

Like any other casino game, there are several betting strategies associated with Roulette – one of the world’s most famous (and favorite) table games. A betting strategy is essentially a method or a pattern of betting you can follow which will either tell you outright or help you make decisions as to where or how to place your bets(s).

There are so many ways to play each classic casino game, and you’ll find lots of people will tell you to play lots of different ways. Everyone thinks their way is the best – but that’s another topic to be covered in a psychology lecture. In Poker, for example, you can play ‘tight’, ‘loose’, ‘aggressive’ or ‘passive’; you can bluff, or you can just concentrate really hard on the maths! It is, after all, all about the numbers! In Blackjack, you can memorise charts to follow, so that you’ll know when to fold, hit, stand, split or double according to the cards you have in hand.

In Roulette, there are many different betting strategies that are concerned with recovering losses, rather than how to play the actual game. One example would be a progressive betting system. For instance, if you place a bet on something like reds/blacks, odds/evens, or lows/highs and you lose, the next round you would double your bet to make up for the loss, and so on. There are other more complicated strategies concerned with redeeming losses, too!

On the other hand, there are a few strategies out there which are intended to help Roulette players maximise the wins. These strategies are aimed at covering up as much of the wheel as possible so that the player who’s using the strategy can have as high a chance as possible at getting a payout with each round. Basically, bets are placed on the mat so that as many numbers as possible are bet on and that there aren’t too many ‘gaps’ (in terms of the number layout on the wheel) where the ball can land. These include the ‘Double Street Quad Strategy’ and the ‘Five Quad Strategy’.

How to Get the 500x Multiplier in Lightning Roulette

The only hang up with the aforementioned sorts of betting strategies, in terms of playing Lightning Roulette, is that they don’t take into account the lightning! Most of these betting strategies involve placing split bets, street bets, column bets and the like. This might work just fine for Roulette but we know that the multipliers in Lightning Roulette can only be won from straight number bets! So, if ordinary Roulette betting strategies don’t work, then how do you win the multipliers in this gem of a game from Evolution Gaming?

For starters, make sure that if you want to go for the lightning big wins, then you’ll need to make certain that you’re only placing straight number bets. This includes the 0 as lightning can even strike there! It’s important to remember, as well, that while lightning does strike every round, it’s not every round that the ball will actually land on a number that’s been struck! Sometimes there can be 20 or 30 rounds before a lightning number comes up and a multiplier can be won. Other times it happens one after the other. That’s the beauty of casino games – you never know what might happen!

In Lightning Roulette, you can see the winning numbers of the previous twelve rounds displayed above the racetrack. You can also open the stats window to see even further back and, on both, lightning numbers are clearly distinguished. However, it’s no use looking back as the past is no indication of the future! Every outcome is completely random, which makes the game fair, totally unpredictable, and immune to influence. Be like the game and don’t let anything influence you – certainly not the past stats!

What you can do, to ensure that you hit the big multipliers, is to bet on every number or on every other number (not forgetting the zero) with a straight bet. Betting on every number with a straight bet will ensure that you win any multiplier that comes up, but might not necessarily end up with you winning overall. Straight number bets pay 29:1, and most rounds you’ll be losing a little so the only way you can come out on top with this strategy is by winning a multiplier quickly! You’ll never want lightning to strike as close as you do when you’re playing this game!

Best Lightning Roulette Casinos – Where to Play Lightning Roulette

When you feel as though you’ve got your Lightning Roulette strategy down to a tee, why not head on over to a real casino and play for real money? We’ve found the top casinos where you can play it for real. You can read the reviews of the best Lightning Roulette casinos and read all about their bonuses. The casinos that we recommend are all verified and licensed and give out the most generous welcome offers and promotions!

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